Bold Moves That Guarantee Wealth

If you are really ambitious to be rich, or aiming for achieving something big in your life, take risks. Make bold moves. Follow these bold moves that guarantee wealth:

  1. Utilize your skills and be self-employed

Identify your skills, find your niche, work on it, train it and refine it. Be the best in that skill. If you are good at something, make sure you earn a living out of it. Get self-employed with the help of your skills.

To become a pro at something, you need to work hard and never stop improving. Track your own progress towards becoming the best.  Let us take an example: Virat Kohli, a well-known sports person is a millionaire because he chose to become best in his skill of playing cricket.

  1. Hit $100k, then invest the rest

Are you aiming to be a millionaire? But a goal like this isn’t going to be achieved in short span. So set targets, first aim at saving $100K. Regular saving must be adopted as a habit. Saving and investment go hand in hand. Don’t stop at just saving, now invest these amounts in high yielding investment opportunities.

  1. Be an inventor

Change your thinking first. Don’t think to earn heaps of money instead think about serving people. Improve your product/service, cater to people’s needs and invent something apt to their needs.

Just look at Snapchat, it is just a silly invention but then it got popularise and it is patented. Invent something out of box.

  1. Join a start-up

Join a start-up and get some stock of it. I am recommending you to join a startup to get an experiential learning of how startups work and how much is the risk exposure. This learning will help you to avoid such mistakes when you will be building on your own startup.

Own stocks of many startups will help you to have a diversified portfolio. Some startups fail, some succeed but if the company thrives or either sold to some larger enterprise, you can be millionaire by just small investment in that company in the starting stage.                                                                   

  1. Create wealth by investing in real-estate

Real-estate investment is one of the bold moves that guarantee wealth. Develop a real estate side business to diversify your business income streams. Buying, developing and then selling the properties have always been a major way for people to accumulate wealth.

  1. Build a portfolio of stocks and shares

Make steady investments in stocks of different companies in different industries. Hold these investments for a longer period, choose wisely and reinvest the dividends. This is cycle that will make you generate money for life.

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