Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

You need to make books a part of your regular diet, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Here are the top 10 business books every entrepreneur should read for sure:

  1. 7 Habits Of Highly Efficient People

With over 25 Million copies sold on 40 languages, this classic book is written by Stephen R. Covey. This book outlines a habit-based-programme that is helpful in achieving big goals.

  1. The 4-Hour Workweek

Timothy Ferris, Author of this book describes “lifestyle design” hacks in this book. Ideas like how to eliminate 50% of your work make more money and live the life you always wanted to live, are showcased in this book.

  1. The Essays Of Warren Buffett

What’s better if you follow the one of the most successful investors? In this book Warren Buffett explains his take on business principles and how to collaborate your interests with the interests of your clients.

  1. The Four Steps To The Epiphany

If you want to set up a business which is based on the theory of “product/market fit”, then you must read this book. Steve Blank lays down a series of practical exercises that will help you to organize your sales and marketing strategies.

  1. Deep Work :Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World

Cal Newport explains his best “four rules” for cultivating a deep work ethics and how to stay focused.

  1. Good To Great

Why one company does endures while other fails? What things can you add into your company’s ethos from starting to make that business achieve great heights?  This book by Jim Collins is one of the best business books every entrepreneur should read. He and his team studied 28 companies to identity the key determinants of success and failure which are presented in this book.

  1. The Innovator’s Dilemma

Clayton Christensen cites the stories of luminaries like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and many more in his book. In his book, he explains how these great innovators think and how they manage their companies.

  1. Tribes

This book by Seth Godin explains how to find avenues to create a sense of community around your business. Basically this book focuses on tribes or community contribution in brand’s success.

  1. Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s best seller self-help books lays down a six step guide in how to think and be rich. He reached this six step guide after interviewing more than five hundred most successful men including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

  1. How To Win Friends And Influence People

To get success in business, you must know how to deal with people and how to connect with them. This book by Dale Carnegie is a classic playbook that helps you to learn the tactics about how to make people like you. And then how to win their confidence and to negotiate well.

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