Clash of the Titans ? Spotify Vs Apple

By SK Kapoor.

Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with EU antitrust regulators saying,” iPhone maker
unfairly limits rivals to its own Apple Music Streaming Service “.

Spotify argued that control of Apple over it’s App Store ignore the customer choice and
deprives the competitors to the benefit of Apple Music .

The Spotify’s complaint says,”Apple charges a 30 % fee from content based service providers to use Apple’s in app purchase system (IAP).”

Spotify’s general counsel, Horacio Gutierrez , said that in 2014 the company was forced to
use the billing system but then again pressurised to increase the monthly fee of premium service from 9.99 to 12.99 euros, due to advent of Apple Music.

Then Spotify discarded the use
of Apple’s IAP system.

Spotify put forward it’s point by saying that Apple doesn’t include buttons and external links to pages covering product information, promotions and faced difficulties in fixing the bugs but such restrictions are not applied to Android Phones.

Gutierrez said,”Promotions are essential to our business .This is how we convert our free customers to premium . Siri , Apple’s voice recognition system , would not hook iPhone users up to Spotify. Apple declined to let us launch an app on its Apple watch .”

This anti -competitive practices by Apple made Spotify suffer from economic damage,that could be a probable reason for Spotify suing Apple!

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