How To Grow Rich And Be Wealthy

Do you want to grow rich? Want to be wealthy?  I hope all you have a “YES” as their response. But are you working hard 24X7 but still earning enough to just pay the bills? Then my friend, this blog is for you!

Without wasting any further time , as “time is money” , lets dive into the core tips to how be a rich :

  1. Earn your wealth

You want money? Go out and start making it! There’s no alternative to hard. If you want to grow rich, make sure you put rich efforts as well! If you want to create wealth, start earning. Your income will accumulate into wealth and then result is you will get rich.

  1. Create multiple streams of income

Next rule to grow rich is to have multiple streams of income. Doing a job? Fine! Have a side business or do something part time, earn from stocks , invest in real estate, start side hustling and stop only when you get wealthier.

  1. Save until it hurts

There’s a problem with millennials that they want to grow rich but they don’t save. Keep in mind if you save , you invest that money , investment gives you return , reinvest that return, so the cycle continues.

  1. Control your spending

Above point says “SAVE”, but how? You will only save if you optimise your spending. If you want to enjoy luxuries make sure to act broke in starting.

  1. Put your money to work for you

The most important rule to grow rich is to put your money in such investment options that multiply your money without much efforts by you.

  1. Want to marry? Go ahead but marry wise

Marry wise , smart and loyal! Make sure you are not creating wealth for giving alimonies to your spouse.

  1. Optimise your investments in such a way that your taxes are minimal

The money you invested in different avenues should be tax savy.

  1. Go slow but go long

Every millennial aspire to be millionaire or billionaire for 30s. This high speed  life is their new normal. But mark the words of experienced entrepreneurs and billionaires that “go glow but go long”.

Use these tips and tools, grow rich, be wealthy but don’t compromise with your health!

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