Job or Business: What’s The Best For You?

Everyone hustles to be rich and wealthy but how one gets rich is different for everyone. Sundar Pichai got rich by being employed at Google but Jeff Bezos owns Amazon. So it is different for all so for you. How have you decided to become rich? Or Are you stuck between job or business? And can’t figure out what is the best for you? Here are some facts and tips that will help you to figure out what’s the best for you, job or business:

How Job is advantageous to you?

  • Job doesn’t pose any pressure on and off the clock on you, meaning, profit or loss anyways you will get your salary. So there is no risk like in business.
  • You aren’t held responsible for losses, strikes in company or any kind of imbalance in the company. You just have to be accountable to your boss and do the allotted work properly.
  • “Perquisites are the best!” Perks that are over and above the basic salary will be received by you. Perquisites includes: DRA, Education reimbursements, Company’s shares, travel or meal reimbursements, HRA.
  • Some jobs offer you to travel a lot and give you immense freedom.
  • In job you are expected to work for salary that too for a specific time like 9 to 5 jobs.

Are you made to Own a Business?

  • Sometimes, due to boss’s instructions you seem to limit your creativity and you work in rigid environment that irritates some employees. So if that employee is you then certainly you are made to own a business.
  • Owning a successful business is a tedious work as compared to finding a job. So if you are ready to take risk, then don’t restrict yourself in riskless job.
  • There is a lot of tax advantage to business because all the perks are taxable.
  • Your business is the reflection of your creativity and financial confidence.
  • Most of all you work with full freedom, no obeying someone’s instructions, no worries about getting fired and no fixed working hours. In business you need to work hard but the working hours are flexible.

Owning a business needs lot of self commitment, time efforts and mainly money as well. But business will give you financial freedom that job can’t give you. Job will only suffice for your expenses but business will cater to your next generations as well.

It is upon your risk taking capacities, your efforts and your future aspirations for yourself that will answer that what’s best for you, a job or business. So identify your strengths and work on what you have decided because implementation makes the all difference.

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