Russian President Putin wishes to have his own Internet

By SK Kapoor.


Later in 2018 , October , when some anti – government protests started on Russia’s side of the Caucasus Mountains , Government  announced to “cut mobile internet service to an entire geographical area.” that restricts tens of thousands of Muslim Russians from accessing social media sites.


Russian President Vladimir Putin , and other Lawmakers in Moscow , put forward a bill about  “Sovereign Internet” , in order to create a single command post and to halt the information flows across Russian Cyberspace.


It is expected that the new law will make it easier for authorities to monitor and disrupt the app scores and message groups , said to be illegal.


”This  law isn’t about foreign threats or banning Facebook and Google , which Russia can already do legally”, said Andrei Soldatov , author of “The Red Web: Kremlin’s war on Internet”.


In Kremlin , Putin acclaimed that ,”  he doubted the U.S. would unplug Russia from the web because it would cause them enormous damage. So indeed Russia has to prepare.”  Russian President Putin  aimed at ensuring  that the Runet ( domestic Internet) continues to operate.


Putin said,”  The more sovereignty we have , including in the digital field , the better. This is very important area.”  In order to make the law effective , there must be establishment of “technical means of countering threats” i.e. to track software that link Russia to the wider web.


Kozlyuk said,” Russia is one of the world’s largest  hubs for exchanging of traffic , with fast channels. Putting monitoring boxes on every node may slow down not only Runet , but the global internet. It’s like closing your airspace.”

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