Top Must-Have Skills To Learn From Jack Ma

“Success doesn’t come to those who dream , it comes to those who act.” So is the case with Alibaba’s owner Jack Ma! The credit of massive success of Alibaba goes to his hard work and grind.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba Group’s revenue touches high sky of US$8.506 billion. Jack Ma’s entrepreneurial skills made Alibaba , the world’s largest retailer and e-commerce company with one of the biggest investment corporations in the world as well. He had out of the box vision and his efforts were laborious that turned this vision into reality.

Let’s have a look at Jack Ma’s entrepreneurial skills that made him the boss of e-commerce industry that you must inhabit:

  • Out-Of The Box Idea To Begin With

When you start with novel idea, competition don’t suck you, instead you lead the competition.” The idea of offering platforms to small individuals wasn’t new. But Jack Ma modify the simple idea into new one by offering this platform through an online portal. This acted as building block towards the Alibaba’s success.

  • Ample Vision And Foresight

Jack Ma is a visionary and anticipated the coming digital world before others. His farsightedness made Alibaba to grow from a baby plant to full grown tree. Every entrepreneur must have a vision in his mind before he starts anything.

  • Optimism Is The Key

Jack Ma always have an optimistic approach to the challenges he faced. That was the reason , Alibaba was able to flourish in such cut-throat competition.

  • Marketing Techniques To Engage Customers

In China, on 11 December each year, Single’s day is celebrated. Jack Ma used his wit and used it as an opportunity to smash 34 billion dollars last year. He sets an example of how a marketing genius searches for hidden opportunities to excel.

  • Keeping Diverse People Under One Umbrella

Another skill that Jack Ma inhabit is excellent personal skills. He united his employees under a common goal instead of under the vision of one person. He used the approach of hiring skillful people not the educated ones.

  • Losers Complain, Winners Create Opportunities

Jack Ma is a man of perseverance who accepted rejections calmly. According to him,”giving up is the biggest failure”. He insist on creating opportunities rather than complaining.

So , if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and Jack Ma is your Ideal, you must inhabit these qualities in you.

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