Want To Start Your Own Business? Try These Tips!

If you are among those who feel like starting their own business, but lacked time. Now this lockdown has come as a blessing in disguise for you. Let your hidden aspirations to start a business take a concrete shape.

Following are some tips for those creative minds who wish to start their own business:

  1. Find a problem:

Do you always complain? If yes, there’s nothing bad in it. Next time you complain, be careful , you are finding a new problem! Find solution to that problem and here you got an million dollar idea for your business.

  1. Think like a customer:

“If you want to win market , be the market.” Meaning hereby that think like your target customers and if you will have a market-oriented approach , you are sure to succeed.

  1. Start with self-funding:

It is very difficult to get funding in initial stage. So be your own saviour and self-fund in starting. In the coming growing stages , angel investors will only invest if the promoter himself have confidence in his business.

  1. Let your business showcase your strengths :

Will you love to see Sabhyasachi  owning electronic gadgets company? No, but why? Because his talents are different than what his core competencies are. So if you are skilful and creative , start your business now. Your business must be reflection of your strengths and personality.

  1. Find a mentor or advisor:

It is obvious that you need a helping hand in budding stage of your business. So look for a mentor or the one who will advice you well.

  1. Take advice from peers :

Family and peers are best to experiment on. Start with them , make them your first customer and evaluate consumer behaviour from their experience.

  1. Chart a business blueprint:

When you are ready with a business plan , chalk out a business plan; resources you need, finances, etc, and just put your whole self into the success of your own business.

Are you still waiting for your judgement day to come and leave this earth without starting something you aspire for? If not get up, and start putting efforts to your first ever owned business.

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