What do IT Consulting companies like Tech Mahindra, Infosys do?

IT Consulting Companies, what they do exactly ?

Before starting that stuff, Do you like cookies? I am sure you do.

It Consulting Infosys tech Mahindra

This is an interesting question and it would be great if we read this while enjoying cookies.

In technical terms, the companies that you have mentioned do what is called IT Consulting which is basically helping other companies by figuring out where they have a problem and what can they do to help from an IT perspective.

Okay, enough of the technical stuff. They are so boring. And these cookies look so delicious and I am more interested in them.

iT consulting

Let’s make an assumption that you are living in Europe or North America as most of the clients of the companies that you have mentioned are from these continents.

• Imagine that your grandmother made great cookies


Why cookies and not something else? Well, I like cookies and this is my example. So, cookies it will be 🙂

Your lovely grandmother from your mother’s side made super delicious cookies. You don’t remember much of your childhood, but you do remember sitting in your grandma’s lap during your holidays and enjoying these cookies.

Chocolate, Cinnamon, Pistachio – don’t get hungry just yet. There’s a long way to go.

Now, you are little old. You have completed your graduation and thinking of what you want to do next in life.

You think about your grandmother and her cookies. You call her up. She is old and could not get up from her bed. You talk about her cookies and how much you loved them.

She decides to reveal her secret cookies recipe to you, so you can make them on your own.

That feel like. Whoa !

• ” I will make cookies” – that one decision in life which you’ll never regret

And that day you decide, that you will make cookies. You are pretty confident they’ll do well, because you have tasted them yourselves. You love them, your friends and everyone in your family loves them.

You start off in a small way. You get the recipe from your grandmother.

You register your company, rent a small shop, buy all the necessary equipment needed, hire a few employees and get going.

Oh boy, you are enjoying making cookies. Aren’t you?

  • Everybody likes my cookies. I am loving it.

Grandmother’s secret cookies are just too good. They are way too much tastier than any other cookie brand in the market. Everybody is buying them.

You scale up your business. From a non-branded product, you create a brand for your cookies. You do neat marketing.

And now Your business keeps growing & growing.

Then comes a time, when along with your company, your problems also keep growing, slowly at first and then exponentially.

• Everybody likes my cookies but I am facing so many problems now

One of Your regular sugar supplier complaints about outstanding payments.

Your purchasing team says that they didn’t order sugar in the first place and the sugar supplier is referring to a cancelled order.

Your packaging material supplier complaining about delivery trucks, are taking too much time to unload in your factory.

Recently You get some financial funding from an angel investor and as your business is doing good but now you are finding it more difficult to maintain your financial books.

One of your top customers, D-Mart, calls up your sales executive and places a huge order & The sales executive forgets about it.

You realize that you have produced too much of Chocolate flavor cookies as there’s still a considerable amount left from the batch produced last week.

You don’t know where to stop and the list seems endless. Making cookies isn’t fun anymore.

• I need help.. Who can help me?

A little bird tells you that you can fix your issues by using Information Technology which would help you to make cookies without losing your peace of mind.

Interesting? Tell me more.

You make enough money to afford a good IT system. You should look at purchasing an ERP ( Enterprise resource planning ) system. There are lot of good IT Consulting companies and they have their own ERP offerings which can help you.

And do look at Indian IT companies. They have lot of offshore facilities that help you to get great work done at a very affordable price.

IT Consulting firms – Where art tho?

Then you approach these companies and tell them the problems you’re facing. They say they can help you.

Your purchasing team can handle purchases more efficiently.

Your packaging material supplier will know how long their trucks would need to wait and you can perfectly guide them and tell them when is the best time to make a delivery.

Company’s financial records will be easy to maintain.

The D-mart guy can directly log into a portal and place his order there. He doesn’t need to talk to a sales executive anymore. This reduced human intervention & makes the process better.

You would be able to track your inventory better and thus, no more extra production of Chocolate flavored cookies.

Your issues can thus, be solved by these IT Consulting Companies.

Company A : offers their service A.
Company B : offers their service B… and so on.

You evaluate their services and consider their offerings taking into parameters such as:

Cost : It should be cheap for you.

Support : You should get help if it stops working.

Usability : It should be easy for you to use.
and many other factors.

You finally decide to make cookies using information technology.

Thanks a lot IT Consulting companies.

You’ve helped me to sell my cookies more efficiently. Thanks to you, many more people are enjoying my cookies.

Without your help, I would have struggled a lot. But tell me something:

Why do you have so much work?

As you see, your business is comprised of so many divisions.

You have a purchase team to buy right stuff, a production team to manufacture and pack cookies, a wide supply chain to ensure that your products reach your customers across the country, a great sales team to find new customers like D-mart, a great marketing team to tell end consumers using ads that your cookies are the best.

From our side, we have specialized team to help each of your divisions.

But, we are a company too. So we’ve our payroll team & yes, we have our own IT systems as well. There is just so much work to do.

Why do you need so many people?

Because we don’t make cookies. We make products which can be built only by humans & not by machines.

Machines make your company products. Our products are made by humans like me and you.

We need more people so that I get more business.

Who are your clients?

we have lot of clients across industry.

Next time you do an online transaction, that web portal might have been developed by using our system.

you buy petrol for your car, our IT solutions would be running the software that pumps the fuel.

Next time you walk into a mall, the receipt might have been printed by our system.

We are everywhere..We are IT !

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