Zero Investment Business That You Can Start Now

Instead of getting bored this quarantine,  be productive and establish your first ever business just now. But are you curious to know how to start a business but with zero investment? Let’s have a look at some hit zero investment business plans:

  1. Freelancer Writer

With the advent of content marketing , writers are in huge demand. So , if you are the one with good research skills and writing skills, your wait is over. Start your zero investment business right now by making your profile on Freelancer, Guru and Upwork.

  1. Web Designer

The very first need of any business nowadays , is the Website. So if you are the one who know how to create , design and handle the websites , then this opportunity is best for you.

  1. Social Media Consultant

Tickle your creative personality and kick start your zero investment business. Social media can be used for creating a brand image and to increase the customer base. Be a social media advisor and handle the social accounts of big business and earn your living right sitting on your sofa.

  1. SEO Consultant

After content writing, if any skill is in demand that is SEO skill. To rank your website higher on search engines, and to expand your customer base, SEO consultant is required.

  1. Graphic Designer

Every business having an online presence demand skills to design logos, posters,  brochures, brand packages. Here’s an opportunity for you to start your own zero investment business, if you are enabled with graphic designing skills.

  1. App Developer

Another idea for your business, is to be an App Developer. Either you can develop app for yourself and earn money or you can give this app development services to other and make a living.

  1. Artisan

Turn  your creative , crafty and artistic nature into a business opportunity. Make hand made goods that people love to buy and start a business on your own.

Virtual Assistant , Business Coach , online retailer are also some of zero investment business ideas that you can pursue. So now don’t wait a second, and turn your hobbies and skillset into a profitable business.

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