Water is Life ; How to save it ?

By SK Kapoor.

“ Thousands have lived without love, but no one without water”, W.H. Auden , American English Poet has very well explained the importance of love in his thoughts.

Nature has created water, soil and air. All the three components are critical for humans, animals and plant life on our planet. But water is the most essential natural resource on earth.

Water is the ultimate life supporting system to humans. Drinking water is a source of nutrition for humanity. Hydrogen atoms in water reduces the heat on earth.

This indicates that the water is important of existence of life and for maintaining ecological balance as well!


French explorer Jacques has well said that the water cycle and life cycle are the one.


Out of 71% of water on earth only 2.5% consists of freshwater , that is, usable but unfortunately sheerly wasted by us. Burgeoning population also engraves the problem of water scarcity.

Hence, being responsible individuals, it’s our duty to embrace nature’s creation and to protect it from being wasted.
We need not to make extra efforts for water conservation, all we need to do is to bring some positive changes in our daily activities.

● At the bottom, we need to change our habit of running tap while brushing.
● Using buckets instead if shower , will save around 100 lt. Of water everyday.
● Rain water harvesting systems must be installed in houses and buildings.
● Plants will be blessed to be watered with rain water instead of normal running tap.
● Government should make stringent rules for those who pollute the water bodies.
● It takes a lot of water to produce food , so by not wasting food we also contribute to reduce water wastage as well.
● In order to save water, 3R principle must be used ie. Reduce- the water wastage, Reuse and Recycle – the water for other purposes.

Small efforts from the end of millions of people will bring a big positive result toward Save Water Campaign.
So we should join our hands for the cause of saving water.

“Water I am, born to be free,
Save me now ,or I shall flee!”

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