How To Crack Tough Interviews and land in your dream jobs?

Do you have any dream job or dream company? Are you preparing for an upcoming interview? Read these top strategies and crack tough interviews and land in your dream jobs successfully:

Before the Interview:

  1. Be familiar with the company

Brush up your researching skills and be familiar with the company you have applied for. Know the company’s history, revenues, growth prospects and job profile very well.

  1. Know the hiring manager or recruiter

Use sources like: LinkedIn to know about the interviewers. Knowing the recruiter is just to make your feel familiar, not awkward when you go for an interview.

  1. Practice some common interview questions

Do you want to crack tough interview and land in your dream job? Then make sure you firstly prepare for the more predictable and easy part. Prepare questions like: introduce yourself, your hobbies, interests and strengths and weakness. Have a full hold on your skills and abilities.

  1. Have some strong references

It is important to have strong corporate references and networks. Basically it ensures your credibility to the interviewer.

  1. Be ready to ask questions from the interviewer

In the last when the interviewers ask you to question him, never say No questions. Always ask something. That makes the interviewer know that yes you are inquisitive to learn new stuff.

During the Interview:

  1. Greet cheerfully and make an impressive opening remark

First impression is the last impression.”  Make an impressive opening remark and greet the interviewers with pleasant smile or firm handshake.

  1. Be confident and present yourself well

It is the time to present yourself and showcase your all abilities and skills. This is the game changer time. Don’t be nervous, take a deep breath and, make sure you make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

After the Interview:

  1. Seek feedback from the company

Acknowledge your experience of visiting the company and how you like the company’s atmosphere. And also write that you look forward to meet them again.

  1. Send a personalised thank you letter

Your goal here is to make personal connection with the recruiter. If you got selected that’s best but if not at least you will broaden your network.

  1. Keep your spirits high while you wait for the decision

Keep your hopes high while waiting for the final decision. If it is positive Congratulations!! And if not no worries count it as an experience and improve yourself in other interviews.

Use these tips and crack tough interviews and land in your dream jobs successfully!

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