Must Avoid These Top 10 Interview Mistakes

Want to crack the interview in one go? Want to land your dream job? Then avoid these top 10 interview mistakes and make a master move in your career.

  1. Never go unprepared

Never attend an interview without doing proper homework. Homework means you must be well versed with the job description that what the employer actually wants from you. You must be aware of the company, its history its business, mission, and vision, and what kind of business it does, and how hiring you will be beneficial to the company.

  1. Neither goes early or late for the interview

Going late for the interview might upset the interviewer. It gives a bad impression about you to the hiring manager. But going early also does no good to you. So it’s better to arrive 10 minutes only.

  1. Appearing unprofessional

No matter if the interview is online or offline, you must be well dressed in professional attire. This not only gives a glimpse of professionalism to your interviewer. But it also gives you the confidence to act like a professional. (Fake it until you make it!)

  1. Displaying low or exceptionally high energy

Being too nervous or too excited is one of the prominent interview mistakes you must avoid at any cost. Control your energy levels.

  1. Not getting your tone right

Act according to the situation. If you see your interviewer is professional avoid speaking more personally.

  1. Not paying proper attention

Not paying proper attention to the hiring manager’s speech will leave you in confusion and ambiguity. So don’t do this.

  1. Getting too personal with the hiring manager

Act according to the situation, I repeat! Only speak what your hiring manager wants to listen to. To avoid one of the biggest interview mistakes of being too frank.

  1. Not switching off your phone

Do switch your phone or put on silent. Never put it on a ring or even vibration, it will act as a disturbance between the interviews.

  1. Badmouthing past employers

Never say anything bad of your past employer, even if he has done anything bad to you. Badmouthing past employers will give a false image of you to your prospective employer.

  1. Talking too much or over-elaborating yourself

It’s not about you all time. So tell your achievements and accomplishments, but only highlights. No need to elaborate or exaggerate yourself.

Follow these tips and never commit these interview mistakes ever while interviewed. End your interview on a positive note and have a friendly smile throughout the interview.

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