How Google identifies Very Best Leaders using These 13 Questions?

Google, always choose the best team and with best teams comes the need for very best leaders! Google identifies, attracts, grows and measures the very best leaders through its unique set of 13 questions put to the team under that Manager or Leader. Questions are as follows:

  1. Would you recommend your manager to others?
  2. Does your manager give you stretch opportunities for your career development?
  3. Are goals clearly stated by your manager?
  4. Does your manager regularly give you an actionable feedback?
  5. Full authority is given by your manager to you in accordance with the job given to you by him?
  6. Does your manager consider you the important human asset not company not just a working robot?
  7. In difficult times, does your manager keep the team focused?
  8. Is your manager is a pro at taking complex decisions?
  9. Does relevant information is shared by your manager?
  10. Does your manager have a meaningful discussion about your career in past 6-8 months?
  11. Does your manager manage the people effectively?
  12. Does your manager respect your perspective even if it is different from others?
  13. Does your manager effectively collaborate with the team?

These were the 13 questions that Google asks its employees periodically, to check if the managers, it has hired are very best Leaders or not.  It can be said that these questions when asked in a survey reflects the manager’s position in team building. Basically all these questions are the traits of very best leader that the Google want in its managers.

So to conclude it can be said a manager becomes a very best leader if he has the following traits:

  1. He supports his employee’s career development.
  2. The manager clearly states the goals and gives feedback to his employee.
  3. He must provide his employee with sufficient authority in accordance with the responsibility entrusted.
  4. The manager is focused and keeps his team focused too.
  5. He is pro at problem solving and taking complex decisions.
  6. He manages people and time effectively.
  7. The manager respects different opinions and collaborates with the team.

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