StartUp Story with Ather Energy Founder Tarun Mehta

“At Ather, it is all about passion and purpose!” ,says Ather Energy team.

Ather Energy Pvt.Ltd. Co is building India’s first intelligent electric scooter and an electric vehicle charging network – AtherGrid.

Founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013.

Electric vehicle company Ather Energy is headquartered at Bangalore.


Ather Energy’s Vision

Co-Founded by Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy, is sought to disrupt the Automobile Industry through its Smart-Electric Vehicles.

It is visioned to revolutionize one’s commuting experience through intelligent vehicles.  

Ather Energy, ather 450
Ather Energy Smart Scooters


AE’s Leadership 

“A team of 16 was going to launch the S340 in 2015. Atleast that’s what we thought.” ~ Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder& CEO.

Ather Energy’s Leadership Pannel consists of 

Founder: Swapnil Jain,

Co-Founder : Tarun Mehta , Arun and Ravneet.


Tarun Mehta; Co-Founder of Ather Energy

Born on 31st October 1989, Tarun Mehta is Co-Founder and CEO of Ather Energy.

Tarun Mehta’s Profile at AE:

“Tarun is Fundraiser, Morale Keeper and day-to-day Organisation Manager who turns into a board game wizard by night.”

Tarun Mehta, ather Energy founder
Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy, Co-founder & CEO.


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USP of Ather Energy

Tarun Mehta in his recent session with IIM Ahemdabad faculty discloses the USP of ATHER ENERGY.

  • He says instead of comparing its electric vehicle’s Speed , Mileage and other parameters with already established Brands EVs like Hero MotoCorp.
  • They created a unique  product keeping in view the present needs of customers and future expectations of customers as well!
  • USP comes out to be the “The Vertical Integrated System of production.”
  • By Vertical Integration , it is meant that the various components are manufactured by company’s ownself instead of getting it produced from some other vendor.
  • AE adopted this strategy of Vertical Integration from great Tech Giants like; Apple.


Production Strategy Of Ather Energy
  • Ather Energy has opted for only online purchase model for selling its vehicles and provides doorstep service as well! 
  • It has established its production unit at Whitefield , Bangalore with production capacity of 600 vehicles per week.
  • There is an AtherGrid, a network  for vehicle-charging , is also established in Bangalore.
  • As on May 2019, it has set up around 30 charging stations in Bangalore and 7 in Chennai.


Fundings to Ather Energy
  • IIT alumni , Srini V Srinivasan and Technology Development Board under Department of Science and Technology, IIT Madras, provided the initial funding of US$65,000.
  • $1M was funded by Flipkart founders; Sachin and Binny Bansal as seed capital.
  • For testing production and launch of product, AE recieved $12M from Tiger Global.
  • To gain a stake of 32.31% in AE , Hero MotoCorp invested US$30M.
  • In May 2019, AE raised $51M , in its latest round of funding.
Electric Vehicles offered 
  • Ather Energy is building India’s first intelligent elecrtic scooter and electric vehicle charging network~ATHERGRID!
  • It manufactures only two electric scooter models: ATHER 340 and ATHER 450, out of which 450 model is more efficient one!
  • Company lauched its Scooter340, at a Conference Surge in Bangalore on 23 feb,2016.


Ather450 Specifications :
Ather Energy, Ather 450
Ather 450


  • Ather450 is more efficient than the Ather340 Model.
  • It is a hassle free vehicle with top speed of 80kmph and true range of 55-75km.
  • It has 2.4kWh Li-ion battery and fast charging upto 80% at 1km/min.
  • It is made good for bad roads with reverse gear installed in it.
  • And 7”capacitive touchscreen Dashboard provides gateway to an intelligent ride experience. 
  • “your ride on your phone” feature provides onboard navigation.
  • Charging points are available within 4km of area and with exclusive facilities of charging at home.
  • Cost of ownership is around INR 1,23,230 and it also comes on rental-lease basis exlusively for Bengaluru Residents.


Ather Grid
  • Ather has established its own network for charging the EV’s and one in Bengaluru and other in Chennai.

  • The charging points are equipped with 3-pin socket, and Ather Grid App can also be used for iOS and Android users.


Ather Space Stations
  • In order to meet end-to-end customers needs and to improve their user experience, the company has its own AtherSpace Stations.
  • The very first Space Station was inaugurated on June 8, 2018 at 100ft road Indiranagar, Bangalore.


Subsidy Schemes for Customers

AE aims at providing subsidy to the EV buyers.

  • According to the Financial Express, AE will pass on the FAME-II Subsidy benefits to its buyers of around about INR 5000 price cut on Ather 450.
  • AE  has a lot more for customers , in means of more intelligent products and as well as the customer reliable and comfort products.
Growth and Valuation of Ather Energy
  • Tarun claimed that , “ 96 percent of owners of the company’s electric scooters are on the Ather Community with a total count of close to 3,000″.
  • Ather Energy  has an equity valuation of US $400 Million.


Future Prospects of Ather Energy
  • In an Interview with ” Express Drive ” , Tarun Mehta, Co- Founder of AE, provides very optimistic insights for its future prospects.
  • It is expected that by 2023, Ather Energy will expand its business to 30 cities across India and with over 6,000 charging points.
  • AE Currently operational in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. The company also plans to be present in Delhi, Ahmedabad Pune and Mumbai in 2020.
  • Tarun says, “The company expands its business across scooters and it will be expanding the business into bikes as well!” .
  • He ponders over his idea to launch a Electric Bike in the upcoming few years And he added that the basic platform is ready and the company will focus on developing the various components. 
  • Ather Energy believes to penetrate 100% in Electric Automobile Industry by 2030.


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