Boss Entertainment, India’s Largest Youth Activation Company, Launches Refreshed Identity and Website

He is not just the Entertainment Guru, Sports Marketing Maverick and prolific Creative Director – Shailendra Singh is also India’s Serial Entrepreneur. He has successfully launched, and made profitable profits from, twenty-three startups in twenty-three years; each time setting new benchmarks across entertainment, media and communications. His most recent, twenty-fourth startup. Boss Entertainment LLP, has quickly become India’s largest youth activation company and on 9 June 2020, they unleashed the refreshed and reinvigorated brand and website to the public.
Fitting for such an adaptable and responsive company, the new Boss Entertainment logo is unconstrained and unstructured, appearing in multiple color schemes and patterns, generating a feeling of fluidity and open-mindedness – all of which Boss lists in their core company values. The website is vibrant and engaging, showcasing the many business and projects that Boss has incepted and nurtured – including :

·       World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival ; the largest entertainment-for-good event on the planet.
·       Power Arena ; the largest attended live music event in 2018.
·       One India My India ; anthem4good to unite 1.4bn Indians and cross-country road rally
·       Shailendra Singh Films ; third most watched short film platform in India
·       Boss Entertainment presents ; award winning feature films
·       Fan Football Company ; representing Premier League teams in the Indian market
·       And so much more. . .
Boss Entertainment is clearly the next step in Shailendra Singh’s creative legacy, leveraging his three decades of skill sets, networks and experience to be able to answer the question of ‘what next?’ for India’s 600 million under the age of 25 and all those young at heart. Lending his acute business acumen to the mix, he is the global powerhouse, Founder & CEO of Laureus Sport-for-Good, Iain Banner. With these two at the helm, BOSS Entertainment is sure to turn all of its dreams in to profitable realities and build limitless value for the company, its clients and its investors.
Jt MD, Shailendra Singh says, “These are highly unpredictable times. But in every crisis there is an opportunity. Boss Entertainment is a lean, mean creative machine and we’re ready to work with any company, person, project or creation that motivates and inspires us, and find out how to make it future-proof. The new identity and website fully captures this spirit.”
Chairman, Iain Banner says, “The new identity just makes me happy inside. We are an ideation, creative company with no debt, no borrowings and a high profit margin. We have a talented, tight team of in-house creators and strategizers, and we outsource all the execution. The future is now and we’re ready for it.”
See the new website now at :


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