Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans to fuel Space Entrepreneurship

By SK Kapoor.

Jeff Bezos says ,” When you buy something on Amazon , you are funding , in part , an audacious plan to populate the solar system with one trillion people.”


Founder of AmazonBezos and the Rocket Company “BLUE ORIGIN” wishes to enable a “MARK ZUKERBERG OF SPACE”, to exist , as a step towards getting human to live and work in space.


Bezos and Blue Origin , shared this vision in a private club lecture on February 19 at Yale Club in New York city , where Jeff says ,” Every time you buy shoes , you’re helping fund Blue Origin , so thank you. I appreciate it very much”.

“We want to drive down costs using reusability and the vision is to figure out how there can really be dynamic entrepreneurialism in space “, Jeff Bezos added.


This is how Bezos plans to fuel space entrepreneurship 

Jeff is working hard on the plans to debut the Blue Origin’s reusable rocket system called, New Glenn ,in 2021.

After New Glenn , he also plans for ever largest launch system called New Armstrong.


Jeff Bezos quoted ,” I’ve witnessed this incredible thing happen on the internet over the past two decades. I started Amazon in my garage 24 years ago-drove packages to the post office myself. Today, we have 6,00,000 plus people , millions of customers , a very large company.”

“ it happened in such a short period of time because we didn’t have to build any that of heavy infrastructure. There was already a telecommunication network , which became the backbone of internet.”, Jeff added.


How to get the kind of entrepreneurial advancement in space ?

There is a need to lower the price of admission because it requires to build heavy infrastructure that cost around hundreds of millions of dollars.

Blue Origin defines its mission as to take the assets from Amazon and transform them into heavy lifting infrastructure that will help the next generation to have dynamic entrepreneurialism in space

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