Google’s attempt to compete with Amazon Inc. suffers Setback as Walmart Withdraws

By SK Kapoor


  • Walmart withdraws its products from Google’s Shopping Actions Service.


  • But this withdrawal doesn’t affects the strategic partnership with Google.



Walmart Inc. has removed its products from one of the Google’s Marquee efforts in order to challenge Inc. in E-Commerce Industry.



Walmart retires out of Google Express , a related delivery service and the retailer also withdraws its products from Google’s Shopping Actions Service , internet giant said on Thursday.


In March , Google , launches Shopping Actions , to enhance the customer access to buy goods directly from retailers through the company’s Search Engine , Digital Assistant and Express.


Walmart-Google Strategic Partnership:


In order to absorb the growth of Amazon’s Share in Global E- Commerce Industry , GOOGLE set up an alliance with WALMART and TARGET Corp. as flagship partners on a commision on sales basis.


Why Walmart make such a withdrawal??


But losing Walmart, the world’s largest retailer and GOOGLE’S prominent partner , is eventually a set back for Google.


Walmart , the Bentonville , Arkansas – based company , is vigorously increasing its own delivery service and emphasizes on hiring Tech Talent in order to lure new customers Online .


In such a way Walmart has emerged as Amazon’s biggest competitor in E- Commerce Industry .


Since WALMART is upgrading its own e –commerce capabilities , the need for having partnered with Google reduces , and is sought to be the strongest reason for such withdrawal .


What the associated Authorities have to say about it ??


A Google spokesperson commented (without further details);

We are committed to the success of retailers and partner with them in many different ways to help users discover and purchase millions of products across platforms .


Walmart remains a strategic partner across multiple businesses including Google Ads.”

Walmart and Google to remain committed to our strategic partnership “, in an emailed statement of a Walmart Representative .


Hence , it is seen that both Google and Walmart will continue to build software that works with Google voice – controlled digital assistant.

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