Larry Kim on ; Growth Marketing Principles you need to know to create your Unicorn

By SK Kapoor

Here’s what Larry Kim , CEO Of MobileMonkey , said about his marketing tactics .


( MobileMonkey – It’s a Fb Messenger marketing platform that helps businesses create chatbots for free without writing a single line of code)


Let’s discover the Larry Kim’s top hacks for rapidly growing a thriving business and engaged audience.(shared at Web Summit in Lisbon)

“Do you want your business to stand out like a unicorn in a sea of donkeys??

Me too!!

I believe in taking huge risks , getting high returns and continuously adapting my strategies to increase the conversions and engage the audience.

I have experimented numerous hacks and strategies to rapidly flourish my first company Wordstream and my new company MobileMonkey, so in this process I came across or u can say discovered three major principles that make all the difference.”


So the Key Principles defined by Lary Kim are as follows:


1.Be somewhat Delusional

Being delusional means being in a state of tremendous power of imagination intentionally.

He says , “ i had an crazy idea of creating this business(MobileMonkey) with nothing and we’re going to run this thing upto $10 millions wthin few years.”


This plan hit him hard in the middle of global economic recession .


He had zero startup experience but still it was his delusional power that made this plan work out.


” The power of delusion painted the whole project with a powerful unicorn filter effect and results in bringing employees , partners and investors that truly believes in your vision “ , Larry Kim added.


2. Find your Unicorn Growth Hack  

There is a big difference in terms of conversion offers on the internet.


The average product sold or service provided online converts at roughly 2.35% conversion rates , that are donkey rates according to Kim.


The top 10% of the products and offers covert 11.45 % i.e. roughly five times of donkey rates.


Kim advised , “ guys , when I’m talking about finding your unicorn growth hack , I’m not talking about getting a slightly better business to business (B2B) white paper offering. I’m talking about finding a truly remarkable differentiated offer that drives insanely high conversion rates.


Everyone has a unicorn . No matter how crappy your marketing is , some of it will have done slightly less crappily . Start there , Innovate there!! ~~LARRY KIM


3. Make Unicorn Babies

Once you have discovered your unicorn growth hack , work to apply that same idea – this is an express ticket to an unremarkable outcome !!

Take a chance , stick your neck out there a little bit , come up with something a little bit more kooky and Be A Unicorn In A Sea Of Donkeys ~ LARRY KIM ends this speech in this way.

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