What’s Elon Musk’s secret of such top Productivity ??? .. Some morning routines and Tips

By SK Kapoor


Founder and CEO of Tesla and Neuralink , Paypal Creator , ELON MUSK indeed is a productive guy- and it starts with his morning routine.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch two satellites , this week , this only and the foremost company to make such move yet !!


He wakes up at 7 a.m…

Starting off the day with coffee , Musk devote his first half an hour after waking to address the “critical emails”.

Most mornings he’s too busy for breakfast.


Then this Tech icon bid goodbye to his five sons (from first marriage) , sends them off to school and drives to his work after having and shower.

Musk says “ his mornings are usually spent in engineering and design discussions “.


Musk share this entirely personal- professional morning routine in an interview with jobs website Glassdoor.

In it’s recent report ranking regarding Employees Favourite CEOs , Elon Musk came in 8th place with a 98% approval rating.

Relentlessly prioritize the rest of your schedule according to the work load you have.

“Focus on signal over noise . Don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t actually makes things better” says Musk.


In an interview with Y Combinator president , Sam Altman , Musk defines “ signal “ as product development to which he devotes his most energy and efforts.

Musk unfolds his views asI think a lot of people think I must spend a lot of time with media or an business thing. But actually almost all my time like , 80 % of it , is spent on engineering and design . Engineering and design so it’s developing next – generation product. That’s 80 percent of it. “


What does billionaire does in his free time ???

In his free time , he likes to watch movies , hanging out with friends and play first-person shooters with his kids.

He’s known to attend and throw “Wild Parties” and has been a fan of Burning Man Festival in Nevada desert.

Elon Musk proves to be a perfect example of “ work hard, play harder”

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