What Is The Business Success Formula For Zoom CEO?

All thanks to Covid-19, that Zoom has seen its users skyrocketing. This videoconference company became the one-stop solution for people to connect live with each other and celebrate remote functions together on a single screen. Just not for business conferences and family get together, Zoom became the popular platform for student-teacher interaction too. The Zoom Founder and CEO Eric Yuan tell the secret for the business success formula in an interview with Business Insider.

Zoom CEO business success formula- His Daily Ritual

Telling his business success formula that he uses, he says, that despite long hours of work, he does spare time for himself. He starts his day off with few morning rituals. There’s one question that he asks himself the moment he woke up and that is What I can do differently today?”

While continuing he says further that he meditate for about 15 minutes in the evening. And in the next 15 minutes, he schedules his next day. In the evening too, he asks himself a question and that is,” If I could start over today, what would I do differently.”

Eric says that these few moments of reflection helps him to focus on work and too continually helps him to be a better leader. He also attributed the success of innovating a better product to his routine of asking these two crucial questions from himself. Yuan says that Zoom’s mission to “delivering happiness” starts with keeping the employees happy. For making employees proud of the work they are doing, Yuan also suggests the question asking method to its employees.

Explain his business success formula, Eric comments that “At Zoom, our philosophy that we always talk about is that, for every employee, myself included, the No. 1 goal is: What can we do differently to become a better version of ourselves? We really tried to understand, what’s the difference? What are the thoughts from the end-user perspective: What do they think about our service? What can we do differently?”

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