What Success means For Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey?

In a recent episode of “The Boardroom: Out Of Office Podcast”, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Square CEO, says,” The idea that entrepreneurs need to pull all-nighters working and never take a day off to be successful is outdated. In fact, it is an attitude that often leads to burnout.”

He continued by saying, “I would rather optimize for making every hour meaningful — or every minute meaningful — than I would be maximizing the number of hours or minutes I’m working on a thing,” Dorsey told Rich Kleiman on the podcast, which aired on Aug. 12. “Because I just found that the maximization of time takes away from the quality within the time I do have.”

Jack explains that it hard for people to be self-aware and pay attention to happening in the world around them when they have a very rigid working environment. He attributed his success to the practice of self-awareness.

He further took the example of Elon Musk and said success is not working like him for 29 hours. The Tesla CEO has confessed to working for 80-90 hours a week, escalating it to 120hrs of working in a week too.  But Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has opposite views in this regard.  Jack considers self-reflection and self-awareness more important in the process of getting most of the time he spends working.

Dorsey shared his morning routine during Covid-19 times. He used to start his day at 5 am by meditating. In particular, he practiced “ Vipassana Meditation” or Insight Meditation”. It is a technique that works on developing understanding patterns, helping in developing critical thinking. He would then have a cup of coffee and walks to his office which is 5 miles away. It took him one hour and 20 minutes to reach the office and by the time he listens to podcasts and audiobooks.

The most important thing about that morning is, I meditated, which means I calmed my head, I did some physical exercise, [and] I learned in just a short, effectively three-hour window before my meeting started,” Dorsey said.  This routine gives him a boost and he says, “I feel like I already won the day.”

Win your day in the same way and do follow the morning routine observed and recommended by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and be successful.

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