Surf Excel Controversy: “ Love Jihad OR Sibling Relation?” HUL finally breaks the silence over the issue …

By SK Kapoor.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd’s popular detergent brand Surf Excel launched its new promotional ad that eventually became a controversy.

This product’s new Holi ad has been trolling over internet with #boycottsurfexcel.


Right -wing association and FMCG giant Baba Ramdev bashed the holi ad calling for complete boycott saying it ​“anti-hindu and Love Jihadi”.

Whether the HUL actually overstepped or it is just an exaggeration of facts by rivalry to cut down the competition ?


Finally HUL breaks silence on this hot controversy . ​HUL spokesperson told​ ​media company :

“​The Surf Excel ​#RangLayeeSang​ campaign embodies the brand’s​ Daag Acche Hain philosophy and captures how the holi colours can melt the differences and bring people together.” 

In the advertisement , two innocent kids demonstrate the friendship and bonding in the true spirit of the festival. This reflects the true ethos of India as a caring , plural and secular society, Spokesperson added.


HUL’s ​intention with the holi ad was to spread the message of communal harmony but it didn’t strike a right chord with many who outrage the ad as ​”Anti- hindu and Love Jihad”.

Harish Bijoor , brand expert and founder of ​Harish Bijoor Consults ​said ​,”HUL’s creatives have been hurried. Not pre-tested . And I do believe that is the fault . It is important to keep your fingers on the pulse of the consumer in the rather tumultuous and polarized times.”

Whereas , Chandramouli N. from ​Trust Research Agency ​ favoured the ​Surf Excel’s Holi ad by saying ​,” ​The detergent brand’s Holi ad is beautifully rendered and demonstrates sibling love.”


It is important to notice that he twisted the trolls and controversies over this holi ad saying it as ​“Love Jihad” ​into a “​beautiful sibling love relation”.

What’s your say on this new Holi ad by Surf Excel? Do share your views in comment section.

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