To Deposit RS. 15 Lakh IN Every Account : MODI ‘S Promise OR AMIT SHAH’S “JUMLA”????

By Sk Kapoor

PM Modi promise to deposit RS. 15 lakhs in every bank account of Indian Individual has haunted PM Modi as well as BJP Government since 2013.



Opposition claimed that this promise was made in order to make the Indian Public in Favour in LOK SABHA ELECTIONS 2014 of BJP.


When the promises made by PM Modi were never revisited into its consideration,


Opposition ironically used it against the BJP and in all this scenario BJP Party President Amit Shah came up with a view calling that promise as a “JUMLA”.



What Kind Of Promise Was Made By Modi??


Straightforwardly , and logically PM Modi never ever made a promise to deposit RS. 15 Lakhs in each individual’s Bank Account.

PM Modi makes the mention of “RS. 15 Lakh” in public rally on November 7, 2013 in Chhattisgarh Kanker , in which he tries to present his idea of fighting with corruption and black money.


He said , “ the whole world says that all the crooks in India deposit money in banks abroad .Black money is hoarded in banks abroad .My brothers and sisters of Kanker , tell me , this stolen money should come back or not ?? Shall we take back every penny hoarded by these crooks ?


Doesn’t the public have a right over this money ? Should this money not be utilised for the benefit of the public ?


if once , the money hoarded by theses crooks in banks abroad , even if we bring only that back , every poor INDIAN would get free of cost RS. 15 lakhs to RS. 20 lakhs , just like that .There’s so much money!!”


This made it clear that PM Modi was estimating the amount of black money being recovered from the banks abroad and quantum of black money generated in India(in banks abroad) is so high that it will make every Indian Individual a holder to estimatedly RS.15 – 20 Lakhs.


There is no direct mention or promise to deposit RS.15 Lakhs in every bank account.


Amit Shah’s Humourous Defence 

Shah’s humorous defence to PM Modi by calling it as “jumla “ made a clarification to PM Modi’s speech which was taken as a promise.


He said in ABP News Interview, “ see this is a jumla ” . RS.15 lakhs will not be credited in anyone’s account.


The opposition knows it , you know it , and even the whole country knows it. The idea is to bring back the black money and utilise it for the betterment of poor people .


This is a way to give speech …… a Metaphor was used by him. Whatever black money will come back , will be used for the poor and this what he wanted to say .”

Some kinds of fake news claimed that ,” RS. 15 lakhs have deposited in each bank account “,

But Amit Shah’s Humorous “jumla “ made the whole scenario crystal clear!!

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