Real Reason That Why Microsoft Bing Got Blocked In China ……

By SK Kapoor


  • Microsoft Bing has been blocked in China due to technical errors.


  • Rumours proved wrong that the block has been out of censorship


  • The Search Engine Bing is again reachable in the country .


Microsoft Corporation ‘s Search Engine BING got blocked in China due to some Technical Errors and not out of CENSORSHIP ISSUES.


According to people associated with the Microsoft, The Search Engine is again reachable in the country and Government Of China has no direct intention to Block Bing.


Risks to such Tech – Companies :


This incident showcases the risks faced by TECH-COMPANIES in China where the Government Authorities tends to Ban , Block or even Delete the services for sundry reasons.


ButChinese Government didn’t specify its actions .


Blocking BING – a Shock to Microsoft

Even when the Microsoft has initiated the project to build a local operation on Beijing’s terms , still Bing gets blocked , it was surely a SHOCK to Microsoft.

Internetproducts like Azure cloud services remained and online accessible . Microsoft had stopped the deemed illegal content from showing up in results , to avoid Government Censorship.


What the authorities have to say about it ??

Hua Chunying , Spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry ,didn’t respond directly to this matter and only said ,”some reports have said that technical error is the reason behind such block , and for further ask other parties “


Microsoft declared that the services of its Search Engine BING has been restored and again available for the Chinese public to Operate , and it refused to give further details about the matter.


The company wasn’t yet certain whether the BING block incident reflected a broader issue .These kinds of issues do arise in China periodically . We do adhere to the Global Network periodicallyInitiative set of principles when it comes to search services in China ”, remarks by Microsoft President Brad Smith


Technical Errors is sought to be more specific reason for the block ,but main point is BING is once again providing its services in China.

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